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I haven’t moved an inch all day. I have my baseball bat and I’m worried something bad is gonna happen to the person she mentions. It started as a wacky dream I had a few nights ago. I was on a cruise with my friends. It was a regular dream us having fun for three days, but in the dream the fourth day was odd.

We had just gotten back from our beach trip and were eating dinner in the buffet. We were talking and my friend Barney out of no where said, “Jessica, I’m coming.” Everyone just stared at him and asked who’s Jessica. Barney didn’t answer and just gave me a weird smile like the Cheshire cat would in Alice in Wonderland. He was acting strange for the rest of the day, until that night when I went to our bunk beds in the room. I walked in and he was there and there was something there with him. It was pale, had long hair. It was tall and floated above the ground. She had glowing red and black eyes. She looked at me and slashed my foot with her long fingernails. I screamed in pain and turned to Barney. He was missing a hand. He said, “Jessica” again and Jessica vanished. The dream continued as normal, but the shocking thing about this dream, or nightmare, or whatever you would classify it as, was when I woke up where Jessica had slashed my foot, there was a cut. My blankets were all bloody. I just thought it was my cat who must have scratched me, altering my dream, but then something weird happened. Barney never showed up to school that day.

That night I had another dream about me becoming rich and famous. I was living the life. I had a supermodel wife, great kids that were perfect in every way. Then I was going to the high school homecoming. I had seen a girl I used to like (which I do like currently) and we had a chat. We talked about how we succeeded, in her life she becoming a lawyer. In the middle of the conversation, out of nowhere she said, “Jessica”. All of a sudden I knew I really didn’t want to be near her at the time. This time Jessica came to me and clawed my back. Once again I screamed in pain and suddenly my Mom woke me up. She looked at my back and there was claw marks there. “Did someone claw you at school?” she asked, I shook my head. Something was definitely wrong cause when I went to school, not only was the girl not there but Barney was back. To my surprise he’d broken his hand, the same hand that Jessica had slashed in my dream. I told him about the dream and he said he saw Jessica before in his dreams.

He texted me this morning that Jessica slit my neck in his dream. That brings me to now, 12:36, I am just waiting for Jessica or something to come into my room to kill me. I’ve sat on my bed just holding a bat all day. I locked my door so my parents can’t force me out. I’m scared. They tell me I’m full of bullsh*t and there is no such thing as ghosts, but I’m not even sure Jessica is a ghost. If I’m found dead by morning, read my story and tell it to the others. If you ever see Jessica you and everyone in your dream are in danger. I hope you don’t ever need to go through what I have, but by the time you see her, it’s to late.

(Sent in by Jack)

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