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It’s in the mirror

Once, a girl called Emily and her two friends, Liz and Melody, had a sleepover. They were looking at scary pictures and scary sites until twelve at midnight. Suddenly, Liz had a cool idea. She told the other two, and while Melody got the candles, and Emily set up the bathroom, Liz looked up Bloody Mary.

They all did the Bloody Mary process, and Liz saw a woman in the mirror. Liz screamed, and fell, dead, on her face on the bathroom floor.

Melody was shocked and suddenly went crazy. She grabbed a kitchen knife and cut the cat open with it, then ran out of Emily’s house, and was never seen again.

Emily was the only survivor, and she is now eighteen. For eight years, Emily has been haunted by Liz’s ghost and Melody’s voice in her head. This night has stayed a tight companion to her soul, and has destroyed her life.

(Sent in by Ty-ty)

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  1. WOW she must be in some state that is frightening I would have moved house because it would have left so much memories.

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