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Is there someone in the tree?

If you are a Muslim, you get wrapped up in white silk before you get buried. They tie the feet and the head part so it stays secure and the person goes to a happy place. If a family member does not tie it, the ghost of the person will wander the world seeking for something. And if someone killed him or her, it will do the same to the murderer. One day, my sister and I were in the car. It was quite late because we just got home from a party with our mom. I was just looking out the window because I was very bored. All of a sudden I saw something white that looked like a bolster in a tree. Then I told my sister to look, in case I was hallucinating. She saw it too. When we both were screaming, our mom asked what was wrong. She looked and didn’t see anything. Then we told our driver to look and he also didn’t see anything. From then on we knew we had 6th sense. Every time we passed that road, we would look in the tree just in case someone is there. Since then on we didn’t see it a lot. So maybe the spirit has gone into the light. This happened not so long ago but sometimes we are still shaking of fear and sometimes we feel it hanging on our backs.

(Sent in by Vonacessa)

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