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I’ll love you always

I once had a boyfriend named Clayton. We were the cutest couple ever! Even though we both had some issues and we both were in foster care we cared a lot about each other. When Valentines day came around of course I saved up my spare change and got him something with a card I made in art class. It said “I’ll love you always” but I was too scared to give it to him. What if he didn’t like it? So on Valentines night after school he asked to come over but I told him he couldn’t, “I had homework to do”. The card I was going to give him said, “I’ll love you always”. I decided I was being stupid and I went to bed. That night I woke up though, something was dripping on me. I turned on the light and on my wall in blood was written “I’ll Love You Always… Can I come Over Tonight????” It turns out Clayton’s biological father had found him and shot him, and Police tested it… that was Clayton’s blood on my wall.

(Sent in by Clarissa)

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8 Responses to “I’ll love you always”

  1. =( sad story

  2. thats creepy and sad at last.

  3. i mean sad when the story finished

  4. Awwe is it true? I cant imagine how I would of felt if that happend to my boyfriend!

  5. Awwwwwww =( I would feel so bad.

  6. Thats Horrible!

  7. If thats truee,
    then sorryy!!!

  8. awwww that had to feel bad findin ur boyfriends blood on ur wall. If that story iz true i feel so bad for ya.

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