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I love you, always and forever

I was with my friend one day and she was spending the night at my house. Her name was Jacqueline but I called her Jackie. We were like sisters. We, being young and crazy, decided to go explore the house across the street that was abandoned since we were born. She was the one to suggest it, so I usually went with stuff she did because it was fun and she usually had good ideas, but, what happened was not what we had planned.

I grabbed a flashlight from the basement and we went into the strange house. I walked up to the door and had to have help from a rope Jackie had found and brought, which we tied to the door and pulled until it opened. When it did open it made a really loud noise and it was nothing but freezing in the house even though it was hot outside.

It was around 1am when we got there and around 1:30 am when stuff started happening.

I went into a room that was upstairs, when my flashlight was stating to die. Jackie suggested we leave, so I went with her, but when we were halfway down the stairs, the battery died. We froze because we had to watch our step on the stairs and I heard crying, which I assumed was Jackie, but when I shushed her, she asked what I was talking about, because she was quiet, and she thought I was the one crying. This was enough to scare both of us to death and we ran as fast as we could out of the house, but when we got to what we thought was the front door, it wouldn’t open, like someone was holding it shut. I kicked it and hit it, but nothing. I asked Jackie but she said, “He’s here, walk backwards, and get out.” I started crying and tried to pull her with me, but I reached for her and she wasn’t there.

I found my way out a few minutes later and ran back to my house and called 911. They got there and I saw them carrying Jackie’s bleeding body out covered by a sheet. I asked what happened and they said they will look into it more the next morning and give me info then. I went back to my house.

In my room I found a note Jackie had left, It said “Dear Kim, don’t be sad I’m gone. I did this for you so you wouldn’t have to die. My brother said he wants to kill you and that he will have someone hiding in the basement waiting for you if i told. Don’t worry, he’s gone now, he said when you’re dead, he will call his friend and leave and at that point no matter what I did, it wouldn’t matter because he will have run away. He told me to bring you to that house because you did what I want to usually. He was going to rape and kill you, but don’t worry, I wont let that happen. now you’re safe and I’m in a better place. I love you sis. always and forever. Your BFF, Jackie.”

I cried myself to sleep that night because when we said ‘I love you always and forever to each other’ is when we’re going away for a long time. At first I thought this might be a dream but the letter confirmed it’s not, and now, I don’t feel so bad anymore because she will always be with me, even now. so I love you, Jackie, always and forever.

(Sent in by Kim)

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  1. dat’s so sad i’m sorry!!

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