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I hate clowns!

One day my best friend moved in a new house. While it was new for them, it was an older home. Mean people had lived in that same house. My guess was for about 40 to 50 years. My friend and I had seen weird things like yesterday our friends were over and we were alone and we were reading scary stories and the light was flicking and we got scared and all of a sudden the wind started to blow harder and harder then thunder then lightning and hail the next second. The phone rang and then she answered it. It was her mom and they talked for a long time for a while all of a sudden the phone went off. Her dog never barks only if someone he does not know he will bark. He started barking at the back door and it flew open, but no-one was there but we heard a voice of a little girl, we do not know what she said but it was weird all right! Then the phone rang again, it was my dad, and he made sure we were all right, I said yes and then we hung up. Three or four months ago at the same house she has an old clown doll. We were playing ‘find it’ and we were looking for a c.d. and it was right by the clown and I said I, “found it!” and I got the c.d. and I grabbed it and we were in her bedroom and the clown was in her sister’s room before and now it was by the t.v. We thought someone was playing a trick on us so we looked in the garage but now no-one was there, so we got scared. We went back in her room, the clown was in the kitchen, and so we put it in her sister’s room. An hour later the clown was in the kitchen again. This time stuff was pulled out, so we put the clown in the garage and we went in the kitchen. The door opened and it was her older sister. She said why is the clown in the play room? We told her the story, but she did not believe us. That night the play room door was open. No-one was there! The next morning the clown was in her sister’s room, but it had a dent on his head. And her friend has been hearing kids’ voices too, so she is not the only one who heard voices. THE END.

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4 Responses to “I hate clowns!”

  1. Ooh…Creepy and messed up. Clowns are creepy, dolls are creepy. Clown dolls? Pretty much a nightmare waiting to happen.

  2. i dont like clowns there scary very scary =)

  3. clowns clowns clowns why are they spooky? But i would have RUN LIKE HELL

  4. I agree with Jeremy without a doubt.
    Im 16 now and i have hated clowns since the day i was born!

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