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I Got Away

A group of friends got together one night to plan a cruel prank at their school. Jack, Frank, and Rafe were excited about it, but Nelson wasn’t. He tried talking the others out of it but they would just tease him. Nelson’s main concern was that they would get caught, or at least that’s what it seemed like. The friends planned on sneaking inside the school campus in the middle of the night to tag racist and homophobic slurs. The next night the friends were getting ready to go. They dressed up in black clothing and they each had their own spray paint bottle. But before they left, they were remembering the urban legend about Gunther Flemming.

Gunther use to be the school janitor years ago before he died. Gunther was arrested when he was caught brutally murdering some of the students that he would take down to the basement. He received the death penalty and that was the end of him. But it was said that rebellious students from the past who have sneaked on campus have seen him walking around in the middle of the night. He would look at them from the distance and give a scary smile. He would say, “Let me show you inside the basement my children!” and then the students would run away as fast as they can from the school.

But the students didn’t believe in it and just joked about it, Nelson was the only one not laughing. When they got to the school, they climbed the fences and met at the quad. The four of them decided to split up. “Find the best spots and tag the cruellest things you can ever say, let’s all meet back here in thirty minutes.” said Jack. They went off.

Thirty minutes later Jack, Rafe, and Frank were back. Nelson however did not show up. “Lets just wait for him, he is always slow.” said Frank. They waited five minutes, then ten, then even half an hour. He never came back. The friends got impatient and went to go look for him. “He is pulling a prank on us.” said Rafe. They needed to keep quiet, so they couldn’t just call out his name. As they walked farther down campus, they saw an open door. But it was the door to the school basement, the same basement that Gunther would have taken his victims to. They took a look inside but it was pitch black and they could not see a thing. “There is no way I am going down there, even with you guys!” said Frank. But all of a sudden they heard a voice, an old empty creepy voice coming from downstairs. The voice said, “Let me show you inside the basement my children!” At that moment, the three of them jumped in fright and ran as fast as they could. They ran and ran until they all came to a stop. They were scared but they realized it was probably just Nelson pulling a prank on them. They decided to go back. From the distance they could see a black figure coming out of the open door, it looked like a person. The guys all laughed and thought it was just Nelson. But as they got closer to him, they realized the person was too tall to be Nelson. As they watched, they could see the dead face of Gunther Flemming, giving them a scary smile. The friends started running away again and got to the fence, they were too scared to jump. They turned around to find Gunther chasing after them. They tried climbing the fence but Gunther got to them before they could even reach the top.

The next day the tagging was discovered but Jack, Frank, Rafe, or Nelson weren’t. They didn’t show up to class for a week and their parents reported them missing. A month later there was still no sign of them. The current janitor of the school says he can sometimes hear screams down in the basement. But when people looked, they couldn’t find anything. It was as if they never existed.

Two years later, in the middle of a school day, a boy came out from the basement. He was all bloody, his clothes were torn up, and he looked exhausted and like he was about to pass out. The current students panicked, but an old teacher recognized him. “It’s Nelson!!! One of the missing boys!” the teacher yelled. Nelson was taken to the hospital. When he woke up he screamed. They calmed him down. When he was relaxed, they asked him what happened. Nelson looked at them in fear and said, “I got away.” The policemen needed answers and they asked him where he was, what happened to his friends, who attacked him. But the only thing Nelson could say was, “I got away.” His parents asked him the same questions and again Nelson gave the same reply. After a while they all gave up because Nelson wasn’t able to speak other words ever again. Jack, Rafe, and Frank were never seen again.

(Sent in by Ben)

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