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I call him the Shadow Man

One night I was up watching a show called Ghost Whisperer with my mum when she decided to go to bed, so I sat up and watched the rest of it by myself. Half way through in the break I went to get a drink from the kitchen, when I noticed mum had turned the kitchen light off, which she never does. I thought she might have forgotten, so I walked out to get my drink, when I saw something in the corner of my eye. It was a Dark Shadow, darker than the rest of the room shaped as a man’s figure. I got really scared and ran to the light switch and turned the light on. The Shadow Man disappeared. When I told my mum she just laughed but I knew what I saw was real. Although I haven’t seen him again, strange things still happen and once my mum said she saw a shadow of a man walk past the kitchen window, when I was outside hanging the washing out.

(Sent in by Isha)

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2 Responses to “I call him the Shadow Man”

  1. Hello Isha,
    I’ve also seen what you call the shadow man. I used to live in a house where someone was murdered and remember being in one of the rooms picking something from the floor and when I looked up I saw this shadow running from my room to the kitchen. I immidiately started screaming and ran to the exit. One of my neighbors thought someone wasa in the house but he checked all of the rooms and nobody was there. Another time I was sitting watching tv and when I turned the tv off I saw in the tv’s reflection a shadow of a very tall man standing behind me, the thing is that the only thing behind me was a wall.

  2. Its just demons.
    It happened me to all the time since childhood

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