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I believe it

My mother used to date this guy named Mike in high school, one year later my mom dumped him. When my mother and her best friend (Bekk) turned 18, Bekk left my mom to go off and marry Mike. My mother didn’t hear from Bekk for about seven or eight years.

One day, my mom got a call, it was Bekk, she was asking my mom to go to the mansion for dinner. My mom went that day. When she walked up the Mansion’s steps, she came upon the front door. My mother knocked… and knocked… and knocked. Still no one. My mother opened the unlocked door and went in.

Draped along a couch was my mom’s old best friend, Bekk. She had been decapitated. My Mom dialed 9-1-1. The police showed up, and later found Bekk’s head. There was also a terrible stench. They looked everywhere, and finally in the closet they found Bekk’s husband, he had stuffed a sock as far down his throat as possible so he could suffocate himself. Stapled on his head read: ‘Fran (my mother), you have no idea how much you hurt me when you dumped me in high school, well now I hope you’re happy, YOUR FRIEND is Dead, Gone, FOREVER!!!’

My mom never forgot about that night. Tip from me: Be careful for who you dump!

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