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How Could That Happen Here?

Once I was staying overnight at my cousin’s house. We were in her room, which is in the basement, so the window is right on ground level. We were just sitting on her bunk bed, her on the bottom and me on top, when we started hearing yelling and screaming. Soon the noises got closer and closer. Her house is pretty close to the main road so we could hear what sounded like footsteps, running footsteps. The yelling got louder and the man doing most of the yelling was sounding extremely scared and distressed. We were starting to get really scared. I jumped from the top bunk to join her on the bottom. The people kept yelling and sounded like they were running up a side road that went off the main road. They were heading towards the highway. Then, we heard a car speed by and go up the side road, so we ran upstairs and woke up her mom to tell her what we heard. Her mom took us to the living room and read us a story from one of those Christian books with those touching stories, then told us it was late, so we should go to bed (it was only like 10). So we went back to her room and I went to the top bunk. Niether of us could sleep. When we finally fell asleep, I kept waking up, but I was still sleeping it felt like. In the morning I felt like I was up all night long. Whoever we tell about this, they all just say it was just some kids messing around, but the voices weren’t of teenagers, they were adults no doubt. To this day we still don’t know what it was all about, even though it occurred three years ago. We were going to sleep outside in her pop-out camper that night, and now we’re pretty glad we didn’t. What happened was a very strange thing to happen in such a small town. Especially the one we were in. We never thought something bad could happen there, now we know horrible things can happen anywhere. Even there.

(Sent in by Melinda)

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