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House Of Hell

One night, my friend Salena was asleep in her bed, she wasn’t home alone or anything, her parents and brothers were all asleep. They all had just moved into that house, but they did not know what they were getting themselves into, however, on that night they found out.

Salena was asleep in her bed. All of a sudden she just woke up and she couldn’t move at all. It seemed as if her legs, arms and head were strapped to the bed, but there were no straps and no-one was around. Salena began to scream for help and struggled to try to get up. She then began to feel sharp blades scratch across her cheeks. She heard a little boy and a little girl laughing at her. Finally her parents ran in and the laughing stopped. The ghosts were gone and Salena could move again. Salena told her parents everything that happened while her mom cleaned her scratches. Her parents were shocked to hear that they have ghosts in their house.

About a week or two later, Salena invited a friend to come stay over at her house, that night while everyone was asleep, the ghosts came back, but this time they were after Salena’s father. While he and his wife were asleep, the little girl and boy came into the bedroom where Salena’s parents were sleeping. They quickly began cutting Salena’s dad’s face badly on the eye brows. He woke up and screamed with pain. Everyone in the whole house ran to the room. He was on the floor in pain holding his face. They took him to the hospital to get patched up. Salena’s cuts weren’t even that deep. They just looked like bad cat scratches, but her dad had bad gashes.

The whole family got fed up with the ghosts, so they called their old friend Debra. Debra came to the house the next morning and stayed till night. She walked through the house explaining to the ghosts that, “That house wasn’t theirs and that they have to leave.” After she was done talking to them, Salena’s family thanked her for coming and they prayed that the ghosts wouldn’t come back again. And guess what? They never came back.

(Sent in by Ashley)

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