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House no. 707

Harry sat on a bench as he sipped his coffee. It was half past seven. He was enjoying the cool breeze when suddenly a lady came towards him. She looked as if she was pregnant. She wrote something in a beautiful handwriting on a piece of paper and gave it to Harry. “Please go to house no. 707 and give this to the first person you see there!” She then moved away.

At first, Harry was confused. Anyway, the lady is pregnant, so she might be needing help, he thought.

He went to 700 line street. “705, 706, 708… hey, where is house no. 707?” He was now really puzzled. He looked around, wondering what to do. A wise young woman spotted him and noticed the piece of paper too.

She came out and snatched the paper from the man’s hands.

“Watch what you are doing!” the man shouted. “I’m sorry,” the lady replied. “But if that weird pregnant lady told you to take the note to house no. 707, you are doing something totally wrong.”

After some time, she snapped, “I’m telling you this for your own safety, please get your mind off the lady. House no. 707 is a legendary place. We hear it is situated in the middle of the forest. But as soon as you enter that place, you will be seeing all sorts of strange things.”

“Like?” Harry asked, impatiently.

“707 is the house of the spirits, i.e., all the dead people. You will be noticing a small naked kid stuck on the branch of a tree and a faceless mother trying to get him down. If you go deep, you will find things that will frighten you, but I am telling you, once you enter the region, you will never come back. We won’t see you for good. So for heavens sake, please forget all about this.”

Saying this, both Harry and the lady departed the place.

(Sent in by Aishwarya)

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