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Home Alone

I was home alone one night, because my mom and sister had gone away on a trip. I stayed home with my dog and went to bed early. I turned off all lights and went to watch tv and totally forgot about my dog, though she always follows me everywhere. All of a sudden, I heard the noise of a chair that was being dragged, (the chairs in my home are very heavy), so I got up quickly and saw my dog sleeping by the side of my bed! Of course, I thought it was a thief and got a heavy object to defend myself, but after me and my dog checked the entire house, even the closets, there was no one! I have accepted these strange things without getting scared now, like the one time we were locked inside our house from NO ONE in our patio, ’cause I live in an area in which strange things happen, not just to me but my neighbors who have always said this area used to be a cemetery during the war.

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