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His dead eyes

Okay, so like last year there was this dude at my school, but he would like never talk to anyone. His name was Ben. He was like, extremely pale and had the blackest of black hair. It was shaggy and covered his eyes. No-one saw his eyes ever. Not even his friends, they were a little scared of him, too. He was tall and skinny and always wore black. He picked on me especially. He’d trip me, spill my stuff, and all of this crap. But let me get to the point. One day all his friends were sent to the principal’s office, but not him. They all got kicked out of school for like, a week. We had a school dance that night, he never went to ANY of them. But this one he did. And he actually SMILED AND DANCED!! Then, that Saturday, I volunteered to work at a fish fry, and HE WAS THERE! I tried to ignore him but I had to go pick up his tray. I went over and asked him for it and he stopped me. He started talking to me, but he didn’t even look up, he just stared at his plate. He knew my name, quite the shocker there. I listened to what he had to say. And then as soon as I thought he was beginning to get nice, he looks up at me and I see why he never shows his eyes. They are a cold shade of grey, no light to them at all. Once he figured out how I had reacted, he reassured me that they weren’t fake. A week later, his family moved away. Ever since then, I have dreamed about those eyes. And I always end up dying in those dreams.

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