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Hide and seek

Once there was a little boy. He and his family moved into a house around here somewhere. Next door lived an old man.

The first night the little boy heard a scratching sound in the attic. He got scared so he went and told his mom. His mom said: “Don’t worry son, it’s just the house settling in.” So the boy lived with it that night. The next night he heard it again. So, the next morning, the little boy, known as Kyle, went and told the old man, “Hey, can you help me? Come check this out? I keep hearing a scratching noise up in my attic.”

That night Kyle and the old man went up in the attic. The old man said: “Sounds like it’s coming from that chest over there.” They went over and the old man opened the chest. There lied… a dead little girl with her nails bleeding and scratch marks on the chest.

It turns out a long time ago, the old man and his friend were playing hide and seek and the little girl hid in there and got locked in. She had been trying to scratch her way out ever since…

(Sent in by Brie)

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