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HellHound? Ghost?

Well, I’ve never believed this would happen to me but, I’ve never heard of hellhound till now. Two years ago in school I was with my friend and I was watching our oval till I saw a mysterious dog run on the oval. The dog was blurry and when it disappeared, smoke went everywhere, then poof!

This year at sometime, my friend and I were in the bush, when I realised that my friend was saying, “Look a ghost!” Well you might be thinking “WTF” but I never believed my friend till now.

I looked up at a burnt tree and saw a girl looking at us. She was blurry. Then I wanted to scream but I didn’t. There was water everywhere, so it had been raining a lot.

Anyway. I noticed the tree was very white and had been burnt. I looked around and walked to where footprints were. Not caring about the ghost but my friend was just standing there.

I saw a locket with a dog tag. After a while we left the ghost and went back to the oval. Looking at the dog tag. My friend wanted to keep it. But I said, “It must belong to the ghost?” So we walked back and to the tree. I put the locket on the tree and right behind me was the ghost. You know the ghost off scary maze game? Yeah. It was her. I nearly screamed. Right now as I write this, I get scared to death.

I have never told anyone about this, and never will.

(Sent in by Renee)

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