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Mine is not exactly a story, but I had a scary dream about Hell. It happened last year. I dreamed about Hell… it was really true and I wouldn’t lie about it… In the dream, I was in total darkness… I looked around, but everything was dark. Suddenly, hot fire just gushed up and burned my whole body. I heard people wailing, weeping, shouting and pleading to God for help… ‎(I was in a sub-conscious state.) I too, was crying and wailing to God for help as the hot fire burned through my body till the flesh fell off… I was crying, and in reality, I was crying too… I was tossing around on my bed because I could really feel the hot fire burning my whole body… I tell you… the hot flames were really hot… Devils or Satan were there… mocking people… tormenting them… as they laughed… In the dream, I said, “God, please forgive me, I know I’m wrong…” But my pleas were ignored. In Hell, even if you repent, it’s no use… your pleas would ignored… I awoke, sweating… I remembered feeling my body, and shivered… my body was hot… it was just like a burning sensation… I have been scared ever since I had that dream about Hell…

(Sent in by Jerolyn)

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  1. Wow, thats really scary. I had a dream like that one time, only is was a purgatory. I was in a macey’s or something like a department store wth my mom, dad, little sister, and two little brothers. the was the normal part of the store, and then there was like this, dark side, you know? it was like kinda like a graveyard, it had mist in it and things watchng you. i remember feeling, kinda mad, right? so all i would have to do was, say something and i could jump over there and get away from my parents. (i had gotten nto a fight with my dad the night i had the dream, and was really mad at him.) So i said the words or something for the last time, and then jumped over into the dark side. i had landed on my stoumach, and just kinda layed there, smileing smugly, and then i started to get cold, and hurt all over and feel light. i think in my dream my dad had told me not to go back agan, because he knew somethng would happen, but i did it anyways. Once i realized i was hurting, i looked around me, and there were these things, just watching me! Then one of them started to crawl towards me, and my dad grabbed my foot and pulled me back out. i felt heavy, like when he pulled me out and dropped my foot i heard it clunk, and i got warm again, and i did’nt hurt so bad. It was really scary.

  2. Im just going to add my view on this story. Im not saying your wrong and im right and im not saying your right and im wrong this is just what i think.

    Yeah, the description you gave about “hell” is pretty gruesome but how do you know that’s how hell actually looks? How do you know that? You may be a Christian and believe that’s what it looks like but do you actually have any proof that’s what hell looks like? How do you even know if there actually is a hell? What if the way you described hell out to be is the way most people think it is to be, does that actually mean it looks like that? How do you know there is actually a fire burning hell.. honestly i don’t think anyone does. What if there isn’t a hell?

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