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He’ll do it again

Have you ever seen someone murdered and the murderer turns around and sees you? As a kid I saw this happen but I never told anyone. The murderer tried to get my parents to let me spend the night at his house with him and his kids but since I screamed and cried my mum said I didn’t have to. There were several attempts over the years where he tried to catch me by myself but I would run and hide or make sure I was around a lot of people. I was so relieved when we moved to another state and I thought it was over. I was really paranoid as an adult and would not shower without someone else being in the house. I eventually heard the murderer had cancer and died. I was even told this by several people who attended his funeral. I asked an old friend who attended the funeral to send me a copy of the program from the funeral. I received it in the mail two weeks ago. I thought to myself how strange a story this was which led me to your website. I thought I would share my scary ordeal because it really terrified me for years, however, it’s not over. As I was typing this, I saw him from my office window, and I know he recognized me.

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