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Haunted dreams

There was one particular dream which struck me years ago, and it’s an unforgettable experience of having a nightmare that haunts your thoughts sometimes. In this dream, my family and I went to Bali, Indonesia, recently with a booking of a 5 star hotel and other packages during a holiday. After all the necessary plans were settled, we then proceed to our assigned rooms and made way for views of the 40 storey building. As we were walking towards the lift entrance, I notice a stranger who was all covered, was looking or rather, staring at me suspiciously and then left without a sign, I became a little bit frightened as to what will happen to me if I were alone, Loitering around the lift lobby. My family, which consisted of my mother and my elder sister didn’t notice and together, we took the lift. Then, there was one night where I woke up in the middle of a sleep in my hotel bedroom and was thirsty to get a drink. Soon, as I were about to leave my kitchen, a knock was heard on the door. I didn’t dare open it and this time it got worse with rapid continuous knockings and banging. Frightened, I quickly dashed to my family’s bedroom and tried to wake them up but couldn’t. Then I heard a man’s voice behind the door saying that if I don’t open the door, he will come inside. I begged my family to wake up, but they didn’t, it’s as if they were dead. Suddenly, I heard the door smashed open and there it came a black figure approaching to me fast with its ugly hands. I woke up in my bed, so shocked, gulping for air and straight away went to wash my face and started praying. It’s really scary!

(Sent in by Sara)

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