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Haunted Base

From 199?-1994 I was stationed at F.E. Warren AFB in Cheyenne Wyoming. This is where I met my friend Teresa. This used to be an Army base back when there were Indians and cowboys. There are stories of hauntings from killiing and such. One night Teresa called me at the dorm, she was working Night audit (Graveyard shift), she was hysterical. I was working 16 hour shifts at my job and was tired. She begged me to drive to her work and sleep there. Apparently while she was in the office she looked up and saw a man with long black hair sitting on the couch in the lobby. She went to go and see if he needed anything and kept watching him through the door. When she got to the desk, the man disappeared and the lights started flickering. Needless to say I spent the night on the couch that night, nothing else happened.

(Sent in by Karen Dawson)

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