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Haunted Apartment

So I live in a 10-year old apartment, which is built on the same land as where two 50-year buildings are built (and they are really ghostly).

When I sleep every night there are so many shadows in my room! Guess what? Even if there is no light coming from anywhere, the shadows can still be seen. The shadows are shadows of people (mostly female) and sometimes they even move around. At first I was totally freaked out and now I’m used to it. Anyways these shadows seem to be coming from the direction where the two old buildings are.

Once me and my sister were watching T.V at 2:30 am and when we turned off the T.V, everything got quiet and a song started playing! Kinda like a lullaby. It was the absolutely most frighting thing in my life! We both FROZE, we couldn’t even say one word in fear. It played a couple times after that night again, but I got used to it.

Another totally horrifying experience that took place in my house was one night around two years ago, when I first shifted in, there were sounds coming from the locked room, which was at the end of the house. When we went closer we heard people talking! It couldn’t be anyone from my family because my dad was out of town and my mom, me and my sister were in front of the room. We called our maid to see and when she went in the noise stopped! Nobody was there, we checked everywhere. SOO FREAKY.

Similar to that, once we heard bell sounds coming from that room! I have seen running shadows which looked like ghosts but they only lasted for a second.

Hope I move out of this haunted area soon! Super Scary!

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