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Hampton Court Ghost Video

This photo of an alleged ghost appeared in December 2003 on closed-circuit television at Hampton Court Palace in London, England.

The 16th-century palace was once the home of King Henry VIII.

It’s reported that alarms could be heard ringing as fire doors had been opened, however, once security guards checked, the doors were found closed.

Guards then inspected CCTV footage (which can be seen in the video below) and saw the doors opening followed by the appearance of a figure in robes, who then closed the doors.

Palace security guard James Faukes said: “It was incredibly spooky because the face just didn’t look human.

“My first reaction was that someone was having a laugh, so I asked my colleagues to take a look. We spoke to our costumed guides, but they don’t own a costume like that worn by the figure. It is actually quite unnerving,”

It’s also reported that at 1pm the day before and the day after the sighting, the doors also opened, however, no figure was seen.

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