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It was Halloween 2008. I was staying at my cousins house on the other side of town. Her mum and step dad were at a Halloween party and her brother wasn’t home. It was just me, Izzy and Brandon. That night while we were watching T.V., I got up to go to the toilet when I noticed the front door was left open. Thinking nothing of it, I locked it and checked on the back door, which was closed and locked. Later I went to have a shower, as I walked passed in the hallway I noticed the back door unlocked and open. Again I locked it and asked Brandon and Izzy if they had touched the doors. They both shook their heads and proceeded to watch T.V. By that time I was getting pretty scared, so I checked up on the doors, again to find the front door wide open. Just then we started hearing voices outside and chairs moving. We decided to leave and go to my house. I had suspected that it was Izzy’s brother playing a prank but when we got home I saw him asleep on my couch.

(Sent in by Hana)

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