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Just last night, I don’t know what was happening, if it was a hacker or what, but in my room, my computer came on and it was playing music that wasn’t on my music player. My screen was typing gibberish really quick and when I tried to unplug the computer, some weird skull thingy popped up on the computer. I got out of my bed and usually my internet cable is under my bed but I tripped over it on the way to my girlfriend’s room (we sleep separately cause the rooms are both tiny) and when I did, I looked back at the computer and it was all off and my screen saver was on (by this time my pants were completely soaked). I laid in my bed and cried myself to sleep. When I woke up my pants still wet, my internet cable still in the floor, and that skull thingy still in my documents (except now its a pic of her, cause I didn’t want my girlfriend to know.)

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  1. wow thats pretty creepy actually o.o did u ever get ur computer checked out?

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