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Giant Spider

I was sleeping at my Grandma’s house when I was six years old. I fell asleep (of course) and I was in the same bed in the same room in the same house. I looked at the door leading into the room and saw a giants spider’s head peak out. After all of this, giant spiders came rushing in and crowded the room. The giant spider leaned over me in the bed and sent two black widow spiders to attack me. Then right when their fangs reached my head, I woke up. Before this dream I loved spiders, but after this dream I hate them. This is the reason I have a fear of spiders!

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5 Responses to “Giant Spider”

  1. interesting but you really should get over your arachnophibia spiders are very helpful

  2. I don’t like spiders either. They creep me out!

  3. spiders are creepy

  4. I hate spiders. Those ugly little things!!!

  5. there so fluffy im gonna die

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