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Taking A Video Of A Ghost

Capturing a ghost on video can be very difficult because of the constant electrical activity of the video camera that seems to interfere with apparition appearance. Most of the electronic equipment for detecting spirits give out low electrical impulses because most of the equipment is made to detect electrical impulses. Many of these equipment pieces are housed in boxes to minimize the broadcasting of the impulses.

One of the more successful techniques in capturing a spirit on video is to use a high quality web cam with the computer in a completely different room. Webcams don’t give off very strong impulses and many can use infrared or otherwise handle low lighting. Another benefit of using a webcam is that the computer can record much more hours of footage than any video camera you could have set up in the room.

The stop motion setting on the webcam can be useful when trying to video ghosts, but you can’t use it for the actual footage. You will want to record the area continuously. To cut down on searching for ghostly appearances in the footage, set up a separate webcam that is set to record when there is motion detected. Watch this footage to see if there was any motion detected. Go to your continuous footage and find the spot that matches up with the stop motion footage. You will most likely be able to see the ghost appear on your continuous footage.

Whatever you do, don’t fake the video of the ghost. In today’s world of blogging and resources on the Internet, most of the fake ghost videos are revealed as frauds within hours of being released. Don’t do this and risk that your real apparition videos won’t be accepted.