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How To Take Pictures Of Ghosts

Interested in capturing the spirits from beyond on film? Here are some easy ways for you to take pictures of ghosts.

The first thing to remember is that ghosts don’t always show up on film. Daylight pictures of ghost are also most likely not to show the apparition very well.

You will want to get a camera and a tripod. Almost any camera can be used, however one of the most popular cameras for ghost photography is an SLR camera. These cameras can be set so that the shutter is left open, exposing the film for a longer length of time. If the camera is set up pointing towards a very dark place, you can have the camera’s shutter open for many hours without overexposing the film.

If you know of an area that is known for it’s ghost sightings, this might be the first place that you go to get pictures of apparitions. Some ghosts are known to appear and move through the same areas each time they are seen, so set up you camera in one of these areas. It is best to use 400 ASA film because it is very more sensitive to light but not too grainy like 1000 ASA.

If your ghost is usually stationary when it appears, you might actually get a sharp picture of it. If it moves, you will see the path that it takes in the picture. You should be able to get a clear picture of the face, if it disappears after moving while looking toward the camera.

Be patient. Ghosts don’t seem to be in the habit of seeking out publicity. Sometimes they don’t want to appear if there is something new and unfamiliar in the area. Remember ghosts keep much of their personalities of their lives. Some are more shy than others.