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How To Summon Ghosts

There are many reasons that one may have for summoning ghosts. Whether it is for paranormal research or contacting a loved one. Use these tips to assist you in making contact with those that are now beyond.

A few simple tools will help you in your communication once you have made contact. A bell for the spirit to ring, or a pebble that can be used to tap out an answer from the spirit. Don’t expect to hear words from the apparition. They don’t have voice boxes to manipulate the air of our physical world, so they can’t speak. They can affect things in our world so a bell or another object that makes noise will be one way that they can communicate to you. A thermometer is also very wise to have because some spirits don’t have the capability to alter much more than atmosphere. You will feel the temperature change but you will believe your eyes afterwards when you have seen the thermometer change.

Now let’s summon an apparition.

If you are a religious person, evoke a blessing from your deity. Request that you are protected on this new journey and guided from the beginning through to the end.

If you have a video camera this would be a good time to set it up. Try to have as wide a shot as possible.

Meditate for at least a few minutes to clear your mind. Summoning a spirit from beyond is only successful when you have cleared your mind of earthly thoughts. Ghosts can’t read your mind, but like a pet, they can sense the mood and atmosphere of the room to which they are being summoned.

To begin summoning the spirit, use it’s name when you are addressing it, and let the spirit know that you are requesting presence of the spirit. You mean it no harm and wish to make contact for the purposes of good. Continue to call for the spirit until you feel the room begin to chill. This is why you want to have a thermometer. You will feel the room start to chill but you might not believe your senses. Observe how quickly the thermometer goes down.

Ask the ghost to identify itself by tapping twice to confirm it’s name. Ask, “Is your name…?” Listen for the taps. If this is a weak communication you may hear the first tap and then the second as much as a minute later.

After you have confirmed the apparition’s identity, start to ask yes and no questions, reminding the ghost the you are looking for two taps for a yes answer and one tap for no after each question.

Always be polite and thank the spirit often during the conversation. When you have finished let the spirit know that you are appreciative of their time. Let them know that you might want to contact them again, and ask if that would be ok. Give the spirit your wishes that it has peace.