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Conducting a Paranormal Investigation

There are new reports of paranormal activity being reported everyday. Many people are curious about what is happening when they start noticing paranormal activity in their dwellings.

Take these steps to conducting a proper paranormal investigation.

The first thing to do is to get as much information as possible from the eyewitnesses. Take copious notes, making sure to get details like the time of the appearance or activity, physical changes in the area of the activity and any sounds that may have occurred. Sometimes the witnesses will know the name of the spirit and sometimes you will have to do research of the history of the area.

County records will show the past owners of the property, as well as the original purpose of the land before the land was settled.

For records of the last 2 1/2 centuries, you will want to look for newspaper articles regarding the property. A quick Internet search may actually bring up most of this information because of the abundance research that people do on other topics. As you follow one clue to the other, you can find out what Indian grounds may be in the area, as well as historical happenings in more modern times of the lands existence.

After you think you have the identity of the apparition, attempt to establish communication with it. Many times paranormal activity occurs because the spirit is trying to solve a problem. If you assist in solving the problem, the activity may cease.

Research thoroughly to make sure that you have the proper identity of the spirit. If you keep calling the spirit by the wrong name or ask them if you have the correct name, you may not get an answer at all. This is because the spirit might only be familiar with the language of their time. Many times the name is the bridge from their language to your language.