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Whether you believe in ghosts or not, they are one of the most fascinating and popular sources for scary stories. There’s different types, of which you can read below.

Different types of ghost stories

Haunted HouseSome people go one step further from reading the stories and go searching for those lost souls.

Below are articles that provide you with helpful tips and information to aid you in your quest to prove or disprove their existence. Of course, if you’re tempted to emulate those ghost hunting folk on television, it’s recommended that caution is advised, especially if you are of young years, as one must be careful, as there’s not only paranormal dangers out there.

Conducting A Paranormal Investigation

How To Summon Ghosts

How To Take Pictures Of Ghosts

Taking A Video Of A Ghost

Some of you have already been successful on your ghost hunts and have sent in photos featuring orbs and haunted places. You can see them on the link below.

Ghost Pictures

If you’d like to send in your pictures of ghosts and have them appear on, then feel free to contact us here.