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Ghostly stalker

Originally, my family is Christian, so we don’t allow evil things in our house like Ouija boards, Harry Potter, witchcraft, stuff like that. I’ll get on with my story. It was about a year ago, it was late at night, and I was gonna take a shower before I went to bed (Mom said to). I had been feeling uncomfortable most of the day, and I was feeling uneasy about taking my shower so late at night. But I had to do it. I went in, and I love to just stand in the hot water. So as I was, I starting singing a little bit, but then out of the corner of my eye, outside of the curtain, I saw this figure, bent over a tiny bit, and it was walking towards the wall. As I looked at it, I guess it saw me, and ran the opposite way towards the wall, and disappeared. I have been freaked out ever since because I locked the door, and no one was in there besides me. From this day forward, I can’t go into a bathroom with the shower curtain closed. I get scared that there is someone behind it. But God was protecting me from whatever it was. Thank you!

(Sent in by Jennifer)

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