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Ghostly Slam

I am 11 years old and this happened April 3rd 2010. My family and I went to St.Augustine for Easter, we went to this one guys really old house, his name was Chip. He had told us that the house was haunted by a ghost named Elizebeth. He said she died there about 9 years ago. I was looking around and I went into a room. The door was being held open by a heavy, metal weight. I was all alone and looking at a old picture when suddenly the weight rolled away as if it was being kicked, then the door slammed shut really fast. No windows were open and there were no air vents in the room. I stood there for about 5 seconds trying to explain to myself what just happened, then I ran to the door grasping it with my hand and flung it open, running and screaming as fast and loud as I could. I promise this story is 100% true.

(Sent in by Annie)

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  1. That sounds pretty scary! Do you have any pics of the lighthouse?

  2. Scary!

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