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Ghost in the Bedroom

I was sleeping on the floor in my living room and my dad was on the couch, when we heard his bed start to shake, I immediately started to feel scared. Then it stopped. Eventually I fell asleep.

The next day I went to our landlord’s house and asked for a history on our trailer. She told me that an old man lived there and had died shortly before we came. Shivers ran down my spine. She told me that the people who lived next door were psychopaths and not to talk to them. She also told me to be careful. I don’t know what she meant by that.

When I got home, my “crazy” neighbour was yelling outside. I went inside and laid down on the couch. I looked over and suddenly my dad’s stereo turned on. I walked over and turned it off. Then our sink started to flow out water, So again I went over and turned it off. Then a cup fell to the floor and broke! I jumped out of my socks! I ran outside to the park across the street. When my dad got home, I told him everything that had just happened. As we walked though the front door the same things happened again!

That night I went to sleep in my room, and couldn’t stop thinking about all the weird things that just happened. The next morning I decided to take some pictures with my camera.(disposable) The next day we got it developed and there were orbs and weird figures in the pictures. When I got home, I set them on my table. My dad left to go into town to go to his friend’s house. When he left I heard weird and strange voices! It freaked me out so bad I ran outside! To this day the sounds, radio, sink, and moving objects still happen. I am 100% telling the truth! I am going to try to
catch some of it on video and camera!

(Sent in by Kiba)

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