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We were sitting in my cousin Evie’s bedroom, on her laptop, chatting on Facebook, to mutual friends. I noticed Evie kept glancing at the china doll which perched on her window ledge. She had long curled brown hair, with a silk pink hat and a pink frilly dress, her eyes were big and a deep brown colour. The smile on her face seemed to grimace at the attention. After asking Evie about the doll, which held 90% of her attention, I found out it was a doll given to her by her great-grandmother who originated from India where voodoo was popular. I asked the name of the doll, Genevieve. I asked her about the similarities of their two names, in which she didn’t reply. I thought nothing of it and carried on with the laptop. Out of the blue Evie stood up off the bed and walked over to the doll, she said to the doll: “It wont be long.” She sat back down next to me as if nothing had happened, when I questioned her she had no idea that she had previously stood up or even spoke. This was one of the first scary encounters we have had with Genevieve. Sometimes when we have sleepovers she talks to Genevieve in her sleep, I now think nothing of this as its happened so often. But do occasionally worry about her as she sometimes sleep walks through my house and continuously repeats, “It won’t be long” until she lies back down…

(Sent in by Evie Emily)

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