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Friends or a Ghost?

When I had a party for all the basketball players at our school at my house, of course, I was gonna hang out with my team (the girls) this also included the 7th grade basketball teams. When everyone got there we watched a couple scary movies about four of them (Jeepers Creepers, Quarantine, Paranormal Activity, The Strangers) this ended at about midnight. Now I live in this super creepy really old farmhouse and I remembered I had to go upstairs to close the attic windows which is really scary because when I was outside no-one was home but me. I heard and saw the attic doors SLAM open. When I asked some of the girls to go with me they said ‘no’ but five of the boys would, so they all came with me upstairs. Now when we walked past the second floor window I swear I saw my grandma (who died in that house) and my boyfriend Nick laughed and said “Aw, I think she saw The Exorcist.” Now I had those thoughts in my head. I made one of them open that attic door, so Jason did, hes like 6’2 for a 8th grader! So he hit his head really hard, which made me feel a bit better. So we went up and I made my way slowly up to one of the six windows. When I reached out to close it, I saw something in one of the fields (I live on a farm) it looked kinda like a demented person, ya know like bloody and stuff, so I looked behind me and the boys were gone. Now when I turned back the thing in the field was a couple inches from my face. I let out a huge scream. I ran down the stairs to the second floor. I felt alot of hands grab me. Of course it was the boys. “What happened what happened?!” “I don’t wanna talk about it,” I said, “Seriously, I I I I think I saw a ghost.” “Yeah right,” they said. So I went back down stairs with them and kinda had a panic attack. So Joey decided to go up and see for himself. We heard him go up. We heard BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM! “Ahh haha,” he screamed like a girl. He ran down the stairs with like a little bit of blood on his head. “Gh, gh, ghgh, ghost!” He stuttered. “Oh my god, Joey!” I screamed. He held his head down and started to cry but really he was laughing. “I can’t believe you fell for that! It’s ketchup! Besides there was nothing up there. I even closed the windows that was the boom you heard.” I slapped him so hard there was a red mark and we just sat there talking for a couple minutes and that was it.

(Sent in by Glenoak Eagles)

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