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Empty Highway

Now I really don’t remember how this story goes but I’m going to give it a shot!

Once there was a woman driving home from work, it was late, about 10:45. While she was driving on the highway, she noticed that there was nobody else on the road. She thought that because it was so late that nobody was out. She turned on the radio looking for some music to at least keep her awake, but all of the stations were talking about how a murderer was an the loose and escaped from the city’s prison! She really didn’t like those type of stories, so she turned off the radio. Suddenly a car came speeding up behind her. She looked kind of surprised. The person in the car was turning his lights on and off. The woman started to speed up instead of going 75 she was going about 87 miles per hour. She was thanking the road for being empty but not for the man chasing her! The man was still flashing his lights on… off… on… off… the woman was starting to call STAR in her car. She told the police to meet her at her house as fast as they could! As the chase still went on the man still turning his lights on and off, the woman finally drove into her driveway entering into what looked like a crime scene. She rushed out of the car and ran to an officer. The man also pulled into the driveway. The woman yelled, “There! There he is! The man that was chasing me!!!” The officers opened the man’s door and told him to come out! The man was saying that he was trying to save the woman, not trying to hurt her. The officers asked what he meant by that. “There was a man in her back seat with a knife, I saw it, he was trying to kill her! I was flashing my lights so she would look back and the murder would duck down!” The officers looked in her back seat. There in a black t-shirt and pants, a man with a knife! The officers recognized him, they told the woman and man that he was the murderer that they were looking for! “Thank you sir!” The woman said to the man! The officers took the murderer to the prison again, but made sure he was never to escape again!!!

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