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Don’t touch graves!

I heard this on the radio. There was a man and he was at church, he decided to stay after and help the pastor clean up. It started getting late, so he told the pastor, “It’s getting late, I better get home.” The pastor said, “Okay and thanks for helping. God bless you.” The guy replied, “Don’t thank me.” So he went on and he decided to go the shortcut route through the graveyard. He tried his best not to touch any graves, and he didn’t hit any except one, that was the grave of an 8 year old girl named Mary. Well he got into his car and drove off, everything was fine for about a minute, then he started hearing strange noises. He looked behind him and saw a little girl in a dress floating in the air behind him. He started slowing down and the ghost slowed down too, so he sped up and he guessed the ghost got tired because it had vanished. When he got home there was blood all on the side of his house and on his front porch was a black cat that he had never seen before. The cat was slashed in half. He got scared and went to his friend’s house and spent the night there. The next day he went back to the church and went in the graveyard. The grave that he had hit the other day was dug up. He looked into the hole and saw the girl that was following him on his way home. On the girl’s lap was the cat that was on his porch. After that nobody saw him. Some think that the ghost killed him, others think he move to a different country, but whatever really happened, we can’t prove.

(Sent in by Ashleigh)

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