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Don’t close your eyes!

One wet and windy night I was all alone in the house. The rain was pouring down hard and there was even the odd thunder and lightning.

I decided to go to bed early as it was cold and I had to get up early the next morning for work.

Later, when I was in bed, I was woken up by the rain hitting the window. I tried and tried to go back to sleep, but the noise was keeping me awake.

A while later, not sure how much time had passed, but I suddenly felt that I wasn’t alone. I wasn’t sure whether I should open my eyes, as I thought if something was there, then maybe they’d just leave me alone. Suddenly, a loud clap of thunder and I opened my eyes, no-one was there though, so I thought, “Phew!”

I decided to switch on the radio to help me sleep, so I grabbed the remote control and put on some classical music. Suddenly, a flash of lightning and a violent clap of thunder, which shook me. So quickly back to bed I went.

As I laid there, listening to the music, I got sleepier and sleepier. Finally off to sleep I went until another flash and bang, immediately I opened my eyes and saw a tall dark figure at the end of my bed, his piercing bright white eyes, just staring at me!

I jumped at the shape with my bed covers and tried to capture it. Somehow I just went through it and crashed on the floor. I looked around the room for it, I didn’t see it, only thing I saw was a bright white orb floating away, eventually leaving through the wall.

I sat there on the floor for a while waiting and wondering what was going to happen next, but it just went all quiet, even the wind and rain died down.

Now, months after it occurred, I can’t sleep, every time I close my eyes I think the figure is there, looking at me, staring, waiting to do something… what exactly I just don’t know…

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  1. omg thats weird

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