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Jane was a smart high school student. The only problem: Two girls, Alex and Kate, kept bulling her, stressing her out. One day, a mysterious man came to her while she was returning to her house from the school. He said: “Take this diary. It will solve all of your problems.” Jane thought this was kinda weird, but took it into her room and opened the diary. But when she opened it, the first entry was already there. It said, “Kate died today… violently…” Jane was now spooked out, but couldn’t find the man anywhere.

The next day, shocking news was announced: Kate had died in accident. Jane now was really spooked, but also felt happy about Kate being gone. When she came back to her house, another entry was made in the diary: “Alex also died today… violently…” Sure enough, Alex was announced dead the next day. Jane felt pure joy, since both of them were gone.

While she was returning home, she noticed how the sky was dark and scary-looking. She entered her house, and looked at the diary. It said: “Today I met Alex and Kate again…” After that, Jane’s scream of terror came out of her room. The mysterious man was in front of her house, and began walking away. He said in silence, “I hope you learned your lesson, girl. Goodbye!”

The diary was said to be thrown away by Jane’s parents, and now lost in an unknown location, waiting for its next owner…

(Sent in by Seong)

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  1. it doesn’t make much sense, since she was getting bullied, but it gave me chills!

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