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Demonic happening – 100% true

This happened when I was about seven-years old.

I had come home from school one afternoon very tired and with lots of homework. I was also very hungry so I started calling my mom to know what she had made for dinner (I eat my dinner very early) when suddenly the faint clank of a spoon was heard. She must be in the kitchen I thought. But when I got there I found nobody. Being young it kinda freaked me out. I started walking towards my room. You know how I said I was tired. Well at the door of my room I started to yawn. When I opened my eyes I saw the devil’s face! Or at least I think I did. It had horns and it was red. I totally freaked. I yelled, “MOOOOOOOM!” at the top of my lungs. Then I heard the flushing of a toilet and my mom came out of the bathroom. She said, “What?” I looked back at my door and the face was gone. “Nothing,” I replied. Then at around 5:00 my mom entered my room and said, “Have you been playing with the spoons?” “No,” I said. Then my mom left muttering something about how a spoon could have moved by itself. I went to the kitchen and saw why she was wondering about that. All the forks, knives, and (of course) the spoons were in a basket about 3 feet away from the sink.

I hope you believe me because this is a true story.

(Sent in by Geovanny)

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