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Dead Time

It is legend that 3 AM is ‘Dead Time’.

It was midnight at my house, myself and my two best friends, Kennedy and Blaire, were bored. We all wanted to go somewhere but didn’t know where. Blaire wanted to go out to the lake and skinny dip, but we had done that the day before. Blaire was the Emo one, so she wanted to go to the graveyard, so we reluctantly decided we would visit there.

We hopped in the car and set off. When we got there and were unbuckling, Kennedy thought she saw a little glare. “What?” I said, “Ummm, whatever, probably just an animal.” Blaire started getting a little antsy, “Er ok,” she said getting out. Kennedy started off without us. “Hold up wait for us!” I shouted. “No, I swear I see something,” Kennedy whined and ran back. “Yeah right,” I moaned and walked to where she was pointing. I saw a little boy. He looked like he was crying. I was so shocked that I couldn’t move. Kennedy and Blaire walked over. Blaire asked him what was wrong. He replied: “That is me.” He then fell to the ground and hit his head on the gravestone. We ran back to the parking lot and got in the car and quickly left.

When we got back home, all of us were in tears, except for Blaire. They both fell asleep at 2:58 exactly. I was still awake and went to the kitchen to get a refreshment. Through the window in the dining room, I saw a little boy, the same boy as at the graveyard. I jumped up on the counter screaming, “Blaire, Blaire!” She didn’t wake up. It appeared that the boy was hanging upside down and then I started to really freak out. I ran to Blaire and pounced on her and woke her up.

To this day, I still see the boy everywhere I go.

(Sent in by Hannah)

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