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Dark hair

She was a strong headed woman. She always got what she wanted, even if it meant walking through hell and back. After a fierce divorce from her first husband she moved away, joined the military and married another man. They found a cute little one bedroom apartment just outside of post, and for a while she thought they were happy.

It didn’t take long before she began to notice something strange about the place. He had noticed as well, but it seemed mostly because she kept pointing it out. Even though the place was clean when they had moved in, long black hairs began to show up in the bathroom, in the shower and the sink. Her original feeling was that maybe he was cheating on her. One morning she even found a woman’s bra hanging on the back of the bathroom door and it wasn’t hers.

Of course he swore he was faithful. But she worked 12 hour days, 5-6 days a week. It wouldn’t have been so difficult for him to pull off an affair. About three weeks into this new apartment she was the last one to use the bathroom one night and the first one to use it in the morning. That morning the words “I love you” were written in lipstick across the mirror. Only, she didn’t own any makeup, and no one could have broke into the house, snuck past her to get into the bathroom without waking her up. The bathroom was also filled with black hair again, and this time, long drips of blood ran down the shower walls.

She freaks out, but still takes the time to clean the mess, then immediately move the bed into the living room and only use the bedroom and bathroom when necessary. She even began to shower on post at a friend’s barrack room rather than chance using her own bathroom. The presence refused to cease, and it seemed to be stronger on days he wasn’t around, almost as if the woman trapped in the bathroom was trying to speak to her.

After a particularly long week she went out Friday with some friends and returned drunk. In her drunken haze she drew herself a bath and began to soak up the warm waters. She begins to drift to sleep just as she hears a woman scream. As her eyes fling open she sees her husband standing over her ready to push her under the water, and a razor sitting along side him. He had planned to make it look like a suicide. She jumps up and grabs a robe, running desperately out behind the house, she trips over something sticking out of the ground.

In the quiet of the morning the police show up and upon further investigation, the object she tripped over was the body of a woman who had disappeared the week they had moved in. Forensic evidence said that she had died of drowning, but the clashes across her wrists made it look like suicide. She was a beautiful 19 year old girl with long dark hair.

(Sent in by Charlotte)

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