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Creepy, Legends or Real?

I haven’t tried any of these, because I’m a scaredy-cat. But maybe you will?

The first one is to go to a mirror with a ruler. Measure something on your body, for example, your hair. Make sure you know how long it is. Then look in the mirror. Your “reflection’s” measure should be different from yours. Then never turn your back on that mirror again.

This second one I don’t think it even works, but I don’t know. Make sure it’s midnight, and its raining. Make sure you are alone in the house. Light a candle and say “Candlejack” aloud. Supposedly it will come and kidnap you…

Close the door in the bathroom, turn off the lights and if you want it to have a better chance of working, turn on the sink. Say “Candyman” once. Two red eyes should appear, then turn on the lights before it kills you.

Enjoy scaring the crud out of everyone telling these to your friends and trying it!

(Sent in by Ivy)

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