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Clown in the house

“Bye sweeties!” Sandra said to her four kids as she went off to her friends. “Thanks again Sally for lookin’ after ’em, it’s a real help!” She said smiling. “My pleasure!” she replied.

So it was night time. The kids were ready to go to bed. “Saaalllly!” The youngest kid said yanking on her blouse. “Saaallly loookie!”
Sally opened her eyes and rang Sandra, the mother. Hey its Sally here, is it ok to move the clown statue in the hallway, its freaking the kids out!”
“What? What clown sta…… RUN! GET THE KIDS AND RUN! ITS NOT A ST…”

Coming home, barging through the door she looked in the room, fell to the floor, and let out a yell, “NO! WHY YOU ********!”
The husband got through and looked in. Every one of their kids hanging by their necks, covered in blood and gutted… literally. Turning around, there she was. The babysitters head hanging on the other side of the window.

Enjoy your restless nights! =)

(Sent in by Tara)

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  1. great story!

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