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Child Angel

Liz as a kid had always said she saw angels. When she grew up they left her.

When in 8th grade while at church she wasn’t feeling good. She went downstairs because she needed to grab something to go home. As she went downstairs she heard the door slammed. She went to see what it was. She noticed the door had been locked. She was locked in. She screamed for her parents. She didn’t hear them. Then the weirdest noise came from behind the table. It was a beautiful noise. As if someone had been spending millions of years making such a beautiful sound. Liz started crying. She remembered that noise from when she was a child. Then the angel stood with her messed up face. Liz said, “Let me out.” But the angel didn’t care. She grabbed her and threw her across the room.

Liz woke up in the morning and looked in the mirror. Out of the corner of the mirror, she saw the angel and screamed, as Liz’s face started to become the angel’s face.

Liz never went to church again. Some people say she never went anywhere. Her parents say they see her as a ghost every night in their dreams.

(Sent in by Elizabeth)

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