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My name is Courtney and this is my story.
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Mario Game

We all know that Mario is awesome, he is great. Super Mario 64 is fun, some of you might have played it, but it has a dark and a not so dark side, like where you go to that creepy boo mansion.
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The Old Victorian House

It all started with my little brother and I. I was about the age of ten, my brother Chad was about seven. My Mom and Dad were divorced. My Dad didn’t care about us, so we had to stay with our Mom. She lived in an old Victorian house. Chad and I had to share the same room, my Mom said it was because, “I have stuff in the rooms, don’t even bother to get in.”
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House no. 707

Harry sat on a bench as he sipped his coffee. It was half past seven. He was enjoying the cool breeze when suddenly a lady came towards him. She looked as if she was pregnant. She wrote something in a beautiful handwriting on a piece of paper and gave it to Harry. “Please go to house no. 707 and give this to the first person you see there!” She then moved away.
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The silence awakened me. It was bad enough that I had no central air and it was ninety-five degrees outside, now my window unit had gone out too? I blinked, clearing my eyes to see the room. It was pitch black however, and this didn’t help at all. Continue reading »

The craziest thing that has ever happened to me!

One night my friend Crisy and I were at my old house in Alabama. We were watching a movie called ‘The Ring’, it’s about this girl that came out of the television. Continue reading »

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