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Funny nightmare

Okay here is the funny nightmare I had the other night:

I was at this party and this guy told me to throw water balloons at people at the party. So he handed me a water balloon and I threw it and it hit his girlfriend! Continue reading »

Blank Image

It was a cold, frosty night that day, in a spooky bungalow. I was waiting for my parents to come home. I saw at the clock that it was twelve o’clock. Suddenly, the doorbell rang. I moved to the door closely and steadily, with my heart pounding fast enough to scare me though. Continue reading »


I grew up in the 70’s and 80’s. One of the subjects that I heard my parents and their friends talk about was the human spirit travelling outside the body while the body was asleep. My mother told me a story about something that happened to her before I was born. Continue reading »


Mine is not exactly a story, but I had a scary dream about Hell. It happened last year. I dreamed about Hell… it was really true and I wouldn’t lie about it… In the dream, I was in total darkness… I looked around, but everything was dark. Continue reading »

Scary nightmare

One day I was left home alone. Around 2:00 I fell asleep. Later I woke up in my room. I don’t know how though. I then heard shrieking and crying coming from the living room. When I got there my sister was being skinned alive. I screamed and cried in horror. Continue reading »

Why I never go to school at night

I was 8 when I had this nightmare. Myself and my friend were walking to school at 12:00 p.m. and it was pitch black out there! Good thing we had flashlights! We went inside the building and there was a lot of skeletons and dead people. One skeleton had a gun. Continue reading »

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