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Ghost in black

Once in the year 2010, I visited my grandparents’ house. I was peacefully sleeping in my bed.
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A few weeks ago, I had a terrible nightmare. There was a girl with long brown hair in a pony tail, with bangs. For some reason, I was the girl in the dream. My parents were crazy and tried to suffocate me, while pinning me to a wall by putting nails through my hands, which left a huge, round scar in the center of each of my palms. Continue reading »

My strange nightmare

Just this morning, I woke practically screaming, see this wasn’t just any normal dream, nor nightmare.

I sat on the porch of our house with a few of my best friends saying how exciting camp would be. I wasn’t really into the camp idea because my dog was kinda sick. Continue reading »


This is a nightmare I had several months ago, and it’s still as vivid in my mind as it has ever been.

In the dream I was standing in an incredibly cramped kitchen, like the kind of kitchen that’s in a kind of expensive caravan. Crowded around one of the benches were a group of strangers, all dressed sombrely and as far as I could tell, all of them were adult males. Continue reading »

Haunted dreams

There was one particular dream which struck me years ago, and it’s an unforgettable experience of having a nightmare that haunts your thoughts sometimes. In this dream, my family and I went to Bali, Indonesia, recently with a booking of a 5 star hotel and other packages during a holiday. Continue reading »


I had two nightmares in one night. The first one was just really weird. I thought it was real because I actually dreamed that I was in bed. My dream self was awake and actually fantasizing about this boy I like. It’s really freaky to dream that you’re in bed fantasizing about somebody. Continue reading »

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