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Five must-see Vampire action movies

Not every vampire movie made involves sparkling vampires and clueless high-school girls. Some are filled with exploding heads, blood sucking, undead creatures that will slaughter you and your family at night. If your ready for a night of fright and blood, continue reading and find out the top ten action vampire movies every blood sucking fan must watch!
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The monster hit list of horror films

The horror genre has been around for some time now. Since the beginning of time man has created creatures and monsters to fill their stories and scare listeners. Now we watch them on the big screen! Today I have compiled a monster hit list. That is, a list of the best horror movies of all time. Continue reading »

The five superstars of horror films

Horror films have come a long way. Through the years more horror films are made but not all of them gain the acclaim that their predecessors once achieved. In fact, some horror that are made today are just completely boring and lack any really good horror characters. Continue reading »

Prometheus trailer

The trailer for Prometheus – the prequel to the Alien movies is out. Looks quite good from the trailer, although one wonders whether it’ll be a rehash of the earlier movies. Also will it contain something similar to the now legendary scene where John Hurt’s character Kane has a little bit of tummy trouble?
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Woman in Black trailer

Woman in Black is one of the scariest movies out at the moment, even the trailer is quite creepy, especially with that ending!
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Paranormal Activity trailer

The video below is the trailer of the much talked about movie ‘Paranormal Activity’. By the trailer, it looks similar to The Blair Witch Project (which wasn’t really that scary in my opinion!). Have you seen ‘Paranormal Activity’, what did you think? Was it the scariest movie you’ve ever seen?
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