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The basement

So this one night I decided to go in my basement. It was storming pretty heavily outside and I have always been terrified to even look down the stairs.
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Haunted Apartment

So I live in a 10-year old apartment, which is built on the same land as where two 50-year buildings are built (and they are really ghostly).
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Paranormal Activity

Once I was in my house all alone. My parents were out. While I was at my home all alone, I decided to watch a comedy flick. I was sitting enjoying the movie when I heard some noises from the kitchen. I was not scared but got up to have a look. There I saw the bowl of milk on the floor. I wasn’t too surprised to see this, so ignored it and went back to watch my movie.
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Strange noises

I was walking in the hallway until I heard a noise. It sounded like it was coming from my bedroom. When I went in, it was a nightmare! The curtains had claws across them (left to right) and dolls (Chucky type) had knives in their hands and were trying to do something, and I could not tell what it was. I was not going to stick around to see what it was!

(Sent in by Alexis)

The Devil’s knocking?

In 2010, I was living in a trailer park in the Dublin mountains Wicklow with my ex-boyfriend. Anyhow, it was coming up to the winter time, it was very cold at night. I was watching the TV with my feet up and my ex-boyfriend was watching the TV too and we heard three knocks on the window behind the TV. So I looked out and no-one was there. I opened the first door and I looked up and down the street, still no-one there. So I went back in, sat down, and continued to watch TV.
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My worst nightmare

Ok, so let me put it this way, I hate ghosts.
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